Pre-Tet Goodbyes

Before Tet, many offices host small feasts to say goodbye for the long weekend. In the bottom picture, staff at the National University are saying goodbye until the next year. The policeman in the green uniform explains that I can smoke a cigarette. The brand is pronounced “Tan Lung.” I don’t want a tan lung, so I turn it down.

The older man above has opened his home for the Tet holiday and served all variety of food and snacks to everyone on the street. The house is owned by a Vietnamese official who has worked in Germany, and is inhabited by a woman, Maie Linh, who studied law and works in the Vietnamese Army. Her son is learning English, and loves to play with an Apple Iphone. He is very young, but sits at the head of the table.

The Days Before Tet in Hanoi

Hanoian Shopping

Hanoian Embassies

Hanoian Cafes

Hanoian Education

Hanoian Food

Hanoian Education

Hanoian Cafes

Hanoian Shopping


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