“Tourists” Act Real Normal

This couple is just a normal pair of tourists. His haircut is just regular, exactly the same length all over. There is nothing abnormal about them . . . nothing at all. They derive mutual enjoyment from everything they do. She has bright colors because she is happy. It’s what normal tourists are like. They dress really typically, and don’t outshine anybody because they fit in. They just kind of blend, really normally. They do everything at the exact same time I do because they are normal like me. They are not ethnically, religiously or politically extreme. Anyone can see that they fit in. Their eye, hair and skin color are almost the exact same as mine, because they are also tourists, simultaneously doing the exact same thing that I am doing. They did not just download my external hard drive, read my travel diary, or daily schedule while I rode a bike around the neighborhood because they are normal tourists, in Thailand, at the Nest Hotel near the Suvarnabhumi Airport, on January 3oth, 2016.


One thought on ““Tourists” Act Real Normal

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